Beating the Summer Heat

Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer? I know I always am. One of many aspects of my health is that my body can’t seem to regulate its temperature very well, so it’s always a struggle for me to stay cool when the weather climbs into the 90s and even more so when it hits triple digits like it’s supposed to this weekend.

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Though I’ve struggled with this for years, it never occurred to me that beating the heat would be a common goal for those with other illnesses. I recently heard from a friend with chronic pain. She found that the summer inferno has dialed up her fatigue level, and I can totally relate. Looking for relief, she asked if I had any tips to combat the fatigue. I didn’t have any magic pills to give her, but I did share my tricks for staying cool and would like to take a moment to share them with you as well.

  1. Ice Pack – I carry one with me wherever I go. It can be most helpful on your neck, head, and inner wrists.
  1. Towel technology – I use a Mission Enduracool Microfiber Towel made specifically for evaporative cooling. Simply dampen the towel and snap it a few times, and it cools immediately. The Mission company also makes cooling hoodies, baseball caps, and multi-purpose wraps.
  1. Spray bottle and fans – I spray my face, neck and arms throughout the day—kinda like a mister. It does the same thing as the wet towel, but evaporates more quickly.
  1. Drip dry – I take a cold bath and drip dry as long as possible. This really helps when I’m very overheated already. Just leave the water on you when you exit the bath to cool you further.
  1. Embrace the A.M. – Walk early in the morning if you have to exercise outside. Staying indoors to keep cool can make you stir crazy, so get outside and walk a little if possible. The early morning is the best time to enjoy the outdoors in summer since morning is the coolest part of the day.
  1. Keep the car cool – Getting into a hot car every time you leave the house will work against the other five tips. So park in the shade, use a windshield visor, and run the a/c about 5-10 mins before getting in your car.

I’d love to hear your advice for overcoming the heat—I’m always looking for new tips to use and pass on. Please share with us in the comments below.

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